About Us

Learn More About the Creative Minds and Hardworking Hands Behind Bagmates, a Plastic Bag Holder Company

Before Plastic Bag Holder: Plastic Bags – “The Bane of My Existence!”

If you’re like most people, you have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags that came from a shopping center around your local area. You don’t want to throw them out, because well, what a waste! You, unfortunately, also get tired of looking at them. So what is there to do?

The bags certainly aren’t cute, there’s nothing fun about them, and they surely aren’t decorative. Certainly not in our household. No matter where we tried to hide our plastic bags or how organized we kept them, they still were just…there, being ugly and annoying. Although most people just expect to see these massive balls of plastic fall out of the closet in any given house, perhaps you, like us, the creators of Bagmates, have reached your limit of looking at these unsightly things.

The Solution…

Instead of living with it like the majority of the human population does, we became determined to do something about it. How could they keep the bags, hide them, and create something that is fun and unique? That is when and how Bagmates and the first plastic bag holder was born in the simple town of South Orange, New Jersey.

It was a fresh, new, and amusing way to keep all those bags disguised. Yet it was still giving the accessibility to use the bags when the need came around. And, you never know how much you use these pesky plastic bags until you don’t have one.

Ladies Behind Bagmates: Getting Their Start

We are twin-sisters Anya and Nina. We live and work out of South orange. We started making our creations out of the comfort of own home just to see what would come of it. Would it work the way we pictured it? Would anyone want them? Were we wasting our time? We asked ourselves all the general questions that most people ask when trying their luck on a new adventure.

We were tired of wasting their plastic bags. We wanted to do our part in helping to save the environment by recycling and reusing the bags.

We saw a bunch of plastic bag holders on Amazon. A lot of them would do the job but would be boring or just another eye sore in the kitchen. We wanted to create something that would be original, enjoyable to look at, useful and kind of quirky and funny.

Working with our own creativity, we started generating different patterns. Tireless fingers went to work stitching and sewing cute and innovative animals with a pouch perfect for stuffing. Stuffing full of plastic bags that is.

Bagmates Designs: Utility at Forefront (the Pun is Intended)

The way Anya and Nina made their plastic bag holders work is by shoving a bag into the larger top opening and then pulling one out of the bottom when one needs to use it. Some of their models only accept plastic bags from the top, so you’d have to pull them out from that same opening where the originally the bag was stuff to.

All Bagmates products were, and still are, handmade from 100% cotton that is both durable yet soft. The attention to detail is impeccable so you know that the owners are truly passionate about the craft created one by one.

The Bagmates Path

In the beginning, we gave away these one-of-a-kind creations to family and friends as gifts for birthdays, housewarming parties, at various holidays, and just because. We hoped that those that were close to us would give us the most honest feedback. Much to our surprise, some folks loved their new plastic bag holders. They gushed over them, told their friends, showed them off at gatherings, and just couldn’t get enough of their new gadget. After enjoying their gifts for a while, these recipients started asking for more, to give away to their own friends and family as gifts. That’s how we figured we may have a product on our hands that a few people would want to purchase. Now was the time to start branching out and share their talent with the world.

Bagmates Name

After getting the positive reaction from friends and family, we realized we may want to come up with a name that is both simple and catchy. We decided to not call ourselves Plastic Bag Holder Divas. It felt like there is no punch to it. And this is how Bagmates name was born.

Taking a Chance with Etsy

We decided to take Bagmates to the internet to share our hand-made plastic bag holders with the rest of the world. We tried Etsy, like many other people who make their stuff out of their basement. We had more positive feedback. A lot of people wanted one of these hysterical creatures keeping their bags out of sight but in reach. The sales started to build.


Now, we felt ready to start something new. We tried a few new styles and colors; we also experimented with more kinds of animals and characters. We also decided to launch a new website and try our hand in the art of ecommerce. We want you to be our next satisfied customer. If not for a purchase, come around and send us a line. We are always around to answer questions and share information.

What Can You Get Now?

Currently, Bagmates offers five different styles of hand-made plastic bag holders all under $30. The options are a “Lady Moo-Moo,” “Rooster Wooster,” “Mother Goose,” “Bunny,” or a “Lady Goose,” one for any personal style or décor. Bagmates offers shipping to anywhere around the world from their location in the United States. We have made payment easy for you, allowing all major credit cards, PayPal, and Etsy gift cards. All payments are secure, processed by Stripe.com or PayPal. We don’t keep customer payment information.

Parting Words 🙂

If you’re still on the fence, think about this: The common carry a dish to pass scenario that requires arms full of extras. Now you can grab a bag and put your crackers, cheese, and other yummies into a bag without setting anything down and use it again. Then, leave it at your friend’s house and they can deal with it. Ha! When you hear him or her say something about not knowing what to do with all their bags, surprise them with the gift of a new plastic bag holder from Bagmates.

We want you to save space in your closets and cupboards because all out characters hang from a doorknob. Instead of tossing a grocery bag in the trash after only using it once, you can make the bag multipurpose and use it again for a garbage or to transport your goods to a different location. With a passion for organization, innovation, and creativity, Bagmates went to work to make something that everyone can use in their home, apartment, and maybe even in the office lunchroom. If you have any questions about purchasing a home-made plastic bag holder, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are always on stand-by ready to fill’ (pun is intended) you in on all the details!