Plastic Bag Dispenser? Or Much More?

plastic bag dispenser

At BagMates, making the greatest plastic bag dispenser has been important to us for years now. Our story began with the dream of two sisters, Anya and Nina. One day, we decided we could come up with a better alternative to a common and cheap plastic bags holder. And we went to work.

Our first concern was aesthetic. We felt tired of the “déjà vu’’ designs and wanted to do our share for the environment. So we decided to create a first model. Then we did a second. Now, we have five. And we are working on new ideas too. We are hopeful that our brand will grow popular. We do hope that more people know we care more than just creating a plastic bag dispenser. Our visions for the usage of these dispensers go much further. As a matter of fact, we believe our current designs offer much more possibilities. The more creative you are the more use you will find.

Roster Wooster Plastic Bag Dispenser

For the cold months, we recommend hanging a Rooster Wooster at the entrance on one of your coat rack pegs or in a mud room. His vibrant red colors will awaken the most indifferent of your friends and immediately start conversations with your guests. Yet, he is very practical in many respects. For example, you can store away:

  • your precious scarves
  • all of your gloves (so that you know where they are when you need them – no more trying to pair up those gloves) and
  • all of your hats (so that you don’t forget to put on your hats before you go back in the cold)

Rooster Wooster is a plastic bag dispenser, but in your household, he doubles as your mud room organization device!


Thumper Bunny Plastic Bag Dispenser

plastic bag dispenserThumper Bunny Plastic Bag Dispenser with strong holder will enhance the decor of your kitchen and will make a positive impression on your visitors. You can use her to organize and store:

  • Your utensils or other kitchen tools,
  • Dish clothes (so that your drawers remain free)
  • Your garbage bags (to have them close to where you need them)


The Lady MooMoo Plastic Bag Dispenserplastic bag dispenser

How about hanging Lady MooMoo plastic bag dispenser in your nursery? Your little one (or ones – well, we came in a pair) will be fascinated by it and it will keep his (or their) attention while you get a well-deserved rest. He will also provide you with additional storage space to conveniently store all that you might need for your baby:

  • Spare baby bibs
  • Clean baby toys
  • Stack of baby diapers
  • A tube of the baby lotion
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby wipes
  • PJs

Because you can hang him, Thumper Bunny plastic bag dispenser can be placed right above the baby changing station so you can conveniently reach for necessities when changing the diaper. This can be helpful if the baby is fussy or super-active so you and you have to keep one hand on the baby.

Mama Goose Plastic Bag Dispenserplastic bag dispenser

And when you use Mama Goose plastic bag dispenser in the laundry room, you’ll be able to store away tons of stuff that perhaps would use valuable storage cabinets, which might have other better use:

  • Store rolls of toilet paper
  • Store your clothes pins
  • Pile on your towels

Lady Goose Plastic Bag Dispenser

plastic bag holderLet us not forget about Lady Goose Plastic Bag Dispenser. You can hang her in your bathroom, which has traditionally very little or no storage. Here are some ideas for storing stuff in her:

  • additional soap bars for them to dry before you use them so they last longer
  • several toothpaste tubes that you bought to take advantage of a great bargain
  • cotton balls and various lotions you use on your face

You can easily add more BagMates into your house. For example, if you have a home office, don’t hesitate to hang one more BagMate there to store your markers, pens, ruler, stapler, whitener. This way, you can avoid messy surrounding and keep your desk clean to conduct your business in an orderly fashion. Use one more in your bedroom. BagMates can help you keep your pajamas, night cream, sleep mask and head bandanas. They all would be conveniently stored for easy access at your fingertips.

BagMates: More Than Just Another Plastic Bag Dispenser

Whichever model you pick or wherever you decide to hang your BagMate, we believe you can be sure that they will not leave people indifferent. They will become the center of all discussions with your friends and neighbors who, we believe, will all want one. Make sure you remember where you bought them,, share this with your friends and become the most popular of neighbors.

No matter where you use them, how you use them and which model you use, you will always be able to count on the following key features:

  • additional space saver storage hung outside your existent storage cabinets
  • larger storage space than most other cloth plastic bag dispensers or traditional plastic and metal plastic bag holders
  • made of 100% sturdy soft cotton
  • always hand-made assembly to ensure full attention to details
  • seams serger-stitched to provide you with many years of use
  • a door knob attachment that fit on most standard knobs


Last but not least, to ensure your BagMate maintain its aesthetics for a long time, you probably should wash it once in a while. Each of our shopping bag dispenser models are washable. Just follow general instructions for hand-washable items: Use cold water, stick to gentle soap and don’t put him or her in the dryer. This way your Bagmates will be like a new one after it’s been cleaned up.

As a final reminder, all of Bagmates products offer you the unique opportunity to add storage to your house – give you the opportunity to grow your storage space from within. Empty these cabinets and shelves into your laundry room Rooster Wooster, kitchen Lady Moo-Moo, nursery Mama Goose, entrance Thumper Bunny and whichever new use you can find for your BagMates. Remember to not limit yourselves to the above-listed ideas, be creative and talk to your friends and family about the many different uses you found for your BagMates and give them the website address of your go to cloth bag holder company at


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