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Shopping bag organizer Thumper Bunny is an excellent way to keep your single-use shopping bags organized. Store and retrieve your single-use bags in style. Thumper Bunner: Utility meets humor meets environmental responsibility.

Plastic bags go into the cylinder-shaped pouch by her neck and come out of the bottom of dress. This dress pouch will hold tons of plastic grocery bags until you are ready to reuse or recycle them.

This bunny has a red flower dress with white lace. Her face features are embroidered to show off pitch black eyes, flying eye lashes and pink nose. She even has a makeup on her cheeks! (Made by applying lip stick).

Why Get Shopping Bag Organizer Thumper Bunny?

• Perfect to keep your grocery bags neat and tidy and in one spot
• Saves space in your cabinets since he typically hangs by a door nob
• Excellent housewarming, hostess, holiday and birthday gift
• Pat yourself on the bag (pun is intended here) for helping the environment because you are not tossing your grocery bags after single use
• Superior conversation starter: This Thumper Bunney is not your usual boring plastic bag holder!

Thumper Bunny: Shopping Bag Organizer and So Much More

He can be used to store other household items:

  • Garbage bags
  • Rolls of toilet paper
  • Wash clothes
  • Dish towels
  • Hang him in the nursery to store bibs or burp cloths
  • Hang him off the coat peg to store scarves, gloves, or hats in the winter

Shopping Bag Organizer Thumper Bunny Features

• Extra large (relative to other shopping bag organizers)
• Made from a sturdy but soft 100% cotton
• Hand made with meticulous attention to detail
• All seams serger-stitched for durability
• Has a 3.5″ hanger which fits around most doorknobs or hang her from a hook
• Dimensions:
o The plastic bag pouch: 14″ wide, 15.5″ long
o The overall doll (from tip of her bonnet to the tip of her toes) 27″
• The elasticated top and bottom of the bell-shaped pouch keep the plastic bags snugly in
• Our items are handmade in our smoke-free and pet-free facility
• Care: Hand wash with gentle detergent; use cold water and air dry; do not place into the dryer; do not dry clean


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